The current villa arose in the last years of the S. The XIIth with Encinaenana's name. His foundation would have belonged due to cowherds of Pedroche established in her from the beginning of this century. Villanueva's current name of Cordova arises at the end of the S. The XV (1499)th. It seems to be that in some moments it is known as Villanueva of the Rockrose for his proximity to the pasture of the same name, which has done that ours national is that of "Jarote".

In 1553, Carlos V, granted the title of the villa to him, finishing this way, his dependence I concern of the villa Pedroche's counterfoil.
Villanueva's Locality of Cordova gets up in half of a sea of oaks that shapes the major forest converted to pasture of the whole Europe, constituting one of the most attractive tourist resources for the sight of those who visit us.
They stand out, the parochial church of San Miguel, the Hearing, Christ Rey's convent, the convent of The Working ones or the lordly houses of the urban area.

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