Though the human accessions in these lands are very ancient, since it is possible to see in Majadaiglesia's archaeological deposits, it is in the Middle Ages when the population of The Gravel is founded. The municipality is to 100 km from the capital and to an altitude of 567m on the level of the sea.
It was in the 14th century when The Gravel arose as Pedroche's village, which at the time was praying as the capital of the valley. From the reconquest, it happens to depend on the jurisdiction of Cordova, until 1492, in which the Kings Católicos governed a few ordinances for the Valley of the Pedroches.

At the end of the 16th century, all the peoples of the valley happen to depend on the Marquess of the Carpio and this situation will last two centuries. In 1747 the villas of the Valley of The Pedroches are incorporated into the crown.
It has been a villa of the dominion of Holy Eufemia during the whole modern age and it was the center of the collection of the right of pasture.

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