Description: District bar is a mix of classicism and avant-garde. This bar of drinks and now also gastrobar has managed to reunite in little more than two years of walking to a varied clientele, who like to drink something in a calm way. A little over two years ago, the bar District - a traditional place of "muffin and tile from Seville" - gave way to the new generations of the Madueño family, which produced a chrysalis-like transformation. That place changed as they say overnight, and the place always gave way to an avant-garde place and focused on the work of pub and now also tapas bar.

Specialties and suggestions: The place offers mainly coffees, tapas and drinks, with great variety. Highlights its extensive cocktail menu.

Decoration: Santiago and Rosa Madueño have been concerned to combine the offer of tapas and drinks with a personal decoration that mixes very diverse elements, such as different types of chairs (from the most modern to those inspired by the Louis XV style or even the pouf), Balinese lamps, reproductions of classic paintings and a multitude of details from here and there, and which, once united in the District, seem to have been together for a lifetime. Features of the so-called design, such as large windows or walls and other elements painted with pure colors, complete that personal appearance and at the same time nothing squeaky.

Opening hours: From 16 h. Until sunrise.

Services: Two television screens broadcast music videos or allow football matches to be watched. In addition, District is committed to an environment that allows conversation, which has generated a variety of clientele and brings together from young people to marriages with children or people who work in the area during the weekdays.

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Address: Calle Goya, 8, 14006 Córdoba Telf.: 675 42 01 74