It is a question of a cycle of musical and concerts that return to the neighborhoods of the city the cultural protagonism in the summer nights.

Friday on July 13: Divine and Human. Hear me with the eyes. Place: Park Mirlbaida at 23:00 h.
Saturday on July 14: Divine and Human. The Galvany. Place: Park of the Asomadilla at 23:00 h. 
Friday on July 20: Divine and Human. Miscelania. Sara Dénez.
Saturday on July 21: Divine and Human. The D'Aída.
Friday on July 27: Divine and Human. It(he,she) thrills 23. It thrills Thin.
Saturday on July 28: Divine and Human. Glory, a voice of movie.
Friday On August 3: Divine and Human. The night of my love. Elena Morales.



Date: from July 13 until August 3.

Place: Neighborhoods of Cordova.

Price: Admission free up to completing the appraisal.

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