Organic farming is a modern system of agricultural and livestock production whose main objective is to obtain high-quality food, which strives to protect the environment, including biological cycles without using agrochemicals or genetically modified varieties. Córdoba Province spends around 30,000 hectares of land to organic farming, which represents almost half of which is devoted to this crop in Andalusia. In Cabra table olives produced. The organic olive oil is produced in Baena, Rute, New Carteya, Cabra, Villaviciosa, Lu-that Castro del Río Palma del Río, Doña Mencia, Obejo, Montalban, Alcolea Carcabuey Almedinilla, Priego de Córdoba, Hinojosa of Duke and Pozoblanco. Organic wines produced in Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera and Doña Mencia Villaviciosa and vinegars. Organic eggs are produced in Pozoblanco. In Zuheros cheeses are made. Organic products are also produced canned Villarrubia and Priego de Córdoba. In Rute cakes are made and Montilla bread is made with organic ingredients. Villaviciosa and Priego de Córdoba are the ecological and organic meat Source Obejuna nuts. Fruits and vegetables are Montalbán, legumes de Montemayor and La Carlota ready meals are made with organic ingredients.

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