Description: He started this restaurant with the specialty of grilled meat, which can be highlighted, the Valley of the Pedroches, made with oak charcoal, specialty that is still preserved and is made in view of customers .
Gradually, they were incorporated into the letter all kinds of dishes, both vegetables and seafood.
Decoration: 2 patios, one typical Cordovan ground floor and one on the first floor with a lemon tree Lunero also a main dining room on the first floor and 10 private rooms all decorated in different styles.

Kitchen: The kitchen has always been distinguished for its seasonal produce, always fresh and top quality, both in beef, Iberian pork and game from which we presume by indication of our customers, such as fish and seafood, brought from distribution centers across Spain daily and always vegetables of our land, fresh and chosen by a demanding kitchen equipment.
Iberian sausages have worked in El Churrasco lifetime, excelling in our letter the Valley of the Pedroches.
It places great emphasis on olive oil offered customers a letter with different brands of extra virgin olive to choose the one they like.
At present there is no fixed letter, this is changed periodically depending on market products always ensuring that all of them are of the highest quality and freshness.

Specialties and suggestions:
The Toast of Foie Fresh Currant Sauce
The Tosta Iberian Loin Orza in Manteca
Grilled octopus on Mud Vera Paprika Pepper Mayonnaise and Potatoes Glazed
Iberico Dam Fine Herbs with Potatoes New Bridge garrison
Milhoja Bluefin Tuna and Melon on White Creamy Gazpacho garnished with caramelized apple and cream Orejones
Sardina Ahumada on a bed of avocado and Hacienda Zorita Oil topped with tomato compote

Opening hours:
13:00 to 16:00 and 20:00 to 24:00
Closing days:
January 1, throughout August, October 24, 24, 25 and 31 December.

Average price: 30 - 40€

Credit card: Visa / MasterCard

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Adress: Calle del Romero, 38, 14003 Córdoba
Telf.: 957 29 48 08