Start: San Rafael de la Albaida, Carretera de Trassierra (CO-3402)
End: Avda. Del Brillante
Distance: 44.2km
Positive slope: 1160m.
Negative slope: 1160m.
Time: 160 min.
Minimum / maximum height: 140 / 645m.
Type of terrain: Roads, tracks, trails and asphalt
Difficulty: Medium-high
Signalized: Partially (SL-A93 and SL-A91)
Recommendations: Route with many crosses, preferably with GPS

2,6    Home Cuesta del Reventón
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4.4    Final Cuesta del Reventón
Join the CO-3414 highway (right)
5      CO-3314
Leave the road on the path on the right
7.3   CO-3314 (San Victoriano)
Cross the road and take the path on the other side of the road
8.6   San Victoriano Square
Turn right on the path that descends
9.3   Avda. Del Rosal
Turn left
10.1  The Aguardentera
Turn left on the dirt road
12.1  Arroyo Bejarano
Turn left (cross the stream)
12.5  Canadian Pass
Turn left
14     Cortijo Caño de Escarabita
Turn right before reaching the farmhouse
15,8   GR48
Turn left and after 350m again to the left for GR-48
17      Trassierra (Our Lady)
Turn right onto CO-3402
17,7    Trassierra (CO3402)
Turn right
25.5    Bridge of Arenales
Cross the bridge and continue on CO-3405
31       Las Jaras Urbanization
Leave the road on the road to the left
33.2    Golf Club
Turn sharply to the left to enter the Golf Club
35,4    Entry Golf Club
Take the path parallel to the road
38.1    Highway CO-3404
Turn left and after 100m take the path on the right
41.1    Carretera de Los Morales
Cross the road

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