Riomundi returns full of quality proposals for all tastes. The next 7, 8 and 9 of June we celebrate the cultures of this world on the banks of the Guadalquivir.

3 days, 10 spaces and 60 artists that will make us flow through live music, electronics and tributes, dance, sports, handicrafts and gastronomy. There will be space for recognized names and also for the discovery of those who will undoubtedly become so. The time has come, it's time to immerse oneself in the cultures that come to us from the banks of our river and those of other rivers in the world.



Guadalquivir (Mirador del Río) The space to listen to Andalusian artists with greater national and international projection.

Mississippi (Balcony of the Guadalquivir) Our most international stage. Funk, Jazz, Soul and Rock.

Danube (Isasa Round) where we can pass the classical music 2.0. to the gypsy fanfare

Thames (Gate of the Bridge) Very British and very crazy. A piece of the British capital, with direct and tributes.

Rin (Miraflores Park) Let's talk about electronics from Berlin. Let's talk about music and technology on the Rhine.

Miño (Balcony of the Guadalquivir) A good summary of the Celtic roots that come to us from almost every corner of the world. Galicia, Scotland, Australia ...

Hudson (Parque de Miraflores) The New York style and roots will pass through here. Funk, HipHop, Skate and Disco.

Amazonas (Miraflores Park) Cumbia, merengue, boogaloo, salsa, latin jazz and reggaes parties. A real trip to Latin America.

Niger (Torre de la Calahorra) Our tribute to Africa, the continent that made dance music possible. Afrobeat, African rhythms, dj's, will sound in one of the great novelties of this edition.

Ganges (Gardens by the river) Tibetan and Hindu sounds through Yoga and meditation for everyone.

Flow of dance (Isasa Round) That our dance bodies take this year more strength than ever. And to guide us we will have several buses from the city of Córdoba.

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