The cuisine of Cordoba are printed flavors and nuances of different cultures that were part of this city. The Arabs left the legacy of the bittersweet taste like lamb with honey and almond desserts such as alfajores and Cordoba typical cake. The influence of Christians is seen in the use of meat in almost all about recipes and baking are the doggy, pestiños shortbread and some of the most characteristic sweet. In this rich cuisine find dishes like gazpacho, white garlic, gazpacho, oxtail, trotters, flamenquín and marinated fish, which together with the work of the new generation of chefs who bring new recipes, cuisine make Cordoba , a leader in the Andalusian cuisine by combining tradition and modernity. Many of the products that form the raw material of Cordoba cuisine from the province. Premium ingredients like olive oil and wine from the countryside, meats and sausages and the Sierra Valley Pedroches fruit and vegetables, milk and derivatives serve as background ... many recipes that delight whoever the test.

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