The of the Inquisition, private collection gallery is located in Cordoba (Spain) that exposes a large sample of tools used since the thirteenth century to the mid-nineteenth in the application of penalties for infringements, differences of belief and that other causes as yet unannounced They find explanation. The fundamental objective is to raise awareness and demonstrate the excesses in the repression through various forms of torture and humiliation that were inflicted on thousands of human beings in Europe at the time.

The exhibition aims to sensitize and raise awareness of the facts, and weigh the freedoms we enjoy today. We appreciate the welcome to our proposal, which discussed daily increasing number of people of different nationalities who have visited so far our GALLERY OF THE INQUISITION. The gallery consists of 6 meeting. It is an exhibition with over 700 years of history. The Gallery of the Inquisition appreciates the positive reception to our proposal, which will surely result in the idea of ​​strengthening respect for the fundamental freedoms of individuals. Open daily.

Schedule: From 10.30 to 20.30. Live a unique experience!

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yav arkadas bune böyle için kalkti

Estela Bendahan Silvera

Soy de Montevideo, Uruguay, estuve allí y me pareció una exposición excepcional, sumamente ilustrativa y didáctica.

Rodolfo Pelaez

Nos ha gustado, somos de Leon y es curioso que haya un museo así en la ciudad. Las torturas eran bárbaras!


Que barbaridades se hacían en la época. Interesante museo y muy barato nos costo 4 o 5 euros.


Es cueriosa y descubres lo q se hacien en esos tiempos xra torturar a las personas. Merece la pena visitarla


Interesante galería. Eran unos barbaros!!!

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