Essential in our diet, garlic is one of those products of the kitchen. In addition to its culinary qualities, has a number of therapeutic properties of great importance. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and repairs damage caused by arteriosclerosis. Acts as anti-inflammatory and prevents certain types of cancer. It increases the level of insulin reducing sugar levels in the blood. Garlic slightly increases the level of serotonin in the brain helping to combat stress and depression. Garlic is the basis on which the wealth of nations as Montalban, where more than half the population working in this sector is based. The garlic in this town are exported to France, UK, Italy, Germany, Brazil, United States and Morocco, among others. Such is the importance of garlic in Montalban that des-for years, held an International Fair of Garlic, of solid experience in an area of special economic importance, since Spain is the fifth largest producer of garlic.

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