For the eighth time, the town of Castro del Río will host the Gastronomic Contest of Andalusian Bacalao Easter Week this year will be held on April 13 from 10.00 in the Plaza de San Fernando and that combines gastronomy, crafts and cultural heritage of this Cordovan municipality.

With this contest, the local consistory not only aims to promote the typical products of the land such as cod and olive oil but also wants to make known the Villa Cervantina and its extensive historical and cultural heritage.
In addition, there will be activities in the historical place of the village, cooking workshops for children, tastings of products, demonstrations among others.



Date: April 13, 2019

Place: Castro del Río.

Location: Plaza de San Fernando.

Schedule: From 10:00.

Precio: Free

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Address: San Fernando, Castro del Río, Córdoba 14840 Spain. Phone: 957 94 30 81