The official month for the party of the courts natives of Cordoba it is in May, but now in April we have the opportunity to be able to enjoy of our beautiful courts and in a different way.

Of 5 on April 28 there will be opened the public 5 courts corresponding to San Basílio's neighborhood every Thursday, Friday and Saturdays evening. Every court will be thematized with a typical product of our land as the Iberian ham, the cheese or the olive oil. 

Gastropatios's passport can be acquired in the courts participants or in some hotels, and with him they will be able to be obtained a discount, degustations of these products and also a glass of thin wine Montilla-Moriles in any of the taverns that appear in the same one.



Place: San Basílio's Neighborhood.

Date: from April 5 to April 28.

Price: 5 €.

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