It is the most singular and emblematic building, given that it owes the origin and name of the Villa, for being a place that has been fordable for a long time. The current bridge is the product of different interventions throughout history. The primitive stone bridge was built in the year 1,589 by the Cordovan architect Hernán Ruiz II, author among other works of the tower of the Cathedral of Córdoba. Nothing remains of that primitive bridge, except for part of the ashlars and foundations. The avenues and floods that the bridge suffered over the centuries caused its ruin, which led to the construction of another one in the first third of the 18th century, under the design of the master-builder of the ducal house of Medinaceli, owner of the bridge. the one that corresponded to the pontazgo rights for the passage of products and merchandise. At that time the bridge had doors to close it, on the cover of it was the ducal shield. The ruin that the bridge presented towards the forties of the 19th century, especially in the wooden areas and the duke's refusal to restore it, motivated the City Council to claim it.

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