This greenway has 128 km between the provinces of Jaén and Córdoba, being the longest in Andalusia; Of these, 62 meanders in the southern part of the province of Córdoba, in the Subbética region. The Via Verde del Aceite follows the path of the old Tren del Aceite railway.
It has spectacular landscapes, among which the Natural Park of the Sierra Subbética and the Natural Reserve of the Salobral Lagoon stand out. It is provided with twelve leisure areas where you can recover your strength to continue with the route.
The starting point is on the Guadajoz River bridge, which serves as a natural boundary between the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén. In the surrounding area of ​​Collado de las Arcas you can see what is left of an old railway station and, in addition, starts a series of viewpoints on the magical reservoir of the Natural Reserve of Laguna del Salobral. This is a mandatory stop, especially in spring, when the greenery of nature resurfaces again and innumerable species of migratory birds return to the lake.
Following the route you will find the old Luque Station, which has been converted into a restaurant. If you want to deviate from the tour, visit the town of Baena located 7 km to the north, where you can taste the best olive oil you've ever tasted.
The next stop is the fascinating town of Zuheros, whose viewpoints and Arab castle are worth visiting. Do not miss the Cueva de los Murciélagos, which was declared a Natural Monument, nor the famous curved iron bridge, a few meters from the Zuheros stop. There is another train station that has been converted into a restaurant and is located in the next town, Doña Mencía.
The next stop on the itinerary. The 140 meters of the Tunnel of the Plantío (first and only tunnel of the Green Route of the Subbética) takes to one of the most spectacular viaducts of the route: the Village of the Sima of 132 meters in length.
The next town is Cabra, whose station has been converted into the Interpretation Center of the Tren del Aceite, where you will find information about the Vía Verde and the Subbética region.
After passing by some vineyards, the next stop is the city of Lucena, where the Tourism and Leisure Center is located. If you like wine, do not miss the Enogastronomic Center of the Montilla-Moriles Wine Route, in the city of Las Navas del Selpillar, Cordoba. Here, you will have the chance to taste the delicious wine of the region and inform yourself about everything you have always wanted to know about this subject.
The last stop of the Via Verde de la Subbética is the Camporreal train station, 4 km away from Puente Genil.

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