Inside the castle, a temple raises in honor of the Virgin, who took the dedication of the Castle as the place in which it is placed. Probably this church, which gets up during the years of the Medieval, was the first parish of this locality. The abandon of the strength and the construction of a new temple out of the Castle did that this church was remaining come down to the Hermitage. In the 18th century, the hermitage suffered a strong intervention that gave to him his popular baroque stamp. In 1952, because of the hurts suffered by the earthquake of May 19, 1951, it was renewed by the people of Carcabuey. The front page is placed in the right side of the church, is very simple, is formed by a round arch of brick, framed by pilasters and entablamento crowned by small pinjantes. On the right arm of the cruise, the simple reed-mace of one raises only vainly.

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