The Hermitage of the Holiest Christ de Los Desamparados, it is the authentic origin of the villa. This beautiful temple has received from his origins numerous reforms. The hermitage consists of three ships separated by round arches on columns of stone molinaza. The temple presides at a great round arch also of molinaza. In it is possible to read the indications of the devout one of the Saint Christ, which betrays the execution of Major Chapel in the 17th century. Later, in the year 1721, the temple was rebuilt, as well as with posteriority will happen in the year of 1960. Of this date, they are his vaults and adornments these being reconstructed in the style of the 18th century. Original of this century it is the sumptuous camerín of the holder, deeply covered with a few colored vegetable plaster-works. Today real example of the baroque style and the whole architectural jewel.

In the exterior of the hermitage stands out the slender and beautiful tower of brick constructed in the year of 1909, which today is quite a sign of identity of Pedro Abad. It is also very prominent and to advise not to overlook the visit to the court of the hermitage, where it highlights the former well in which the life and the death is reflected, being this of medieval epoch, included in a beautiful space of peace and sociego surrounded with linked columns banks of stone and remains of capitals. The principal altarpiece is of style neobarroco in the one that emphasizes the paintings of the archangel San Miguel and of King Fernando III, works of the painter D. Rodrigo Prieto Rojas.

In the hermitage, there is venerated the miraculous image of the Holiest Christ de Los Desamparados of Pedro Abad, realized by the celebrated maker of religious images D. Jacinto Higuera in the year 1939. It is a question of crucified realized in the wood of the zone and inspired by the original missing person in the Spanish Civil war of alone the one that stays a forearm. The image, with a great popular rooting in the region, has the singularity of which alone procesiona once every 100 years, waiting for the date of 2035 for his next exit procesiona.


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