In the highest of the people, one finds the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock.
This hermitage dates back to the 18th century, though it is more than probable that is built on a former temple since it seems it to corroborate his Gothic edge gate.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the hermitage is an object of frequent repairs, especially the walls perpetrate of the enclosure expanded to 1.917.

During the Civil war, the hermitage did the times of store of tendency and used as air-raid, placed this shelter under the altar of the Virgin.
The tradition counts that being a shepherd with his cattle, in the hill that dominates the villa, it was thinking about seeing a bird put in a rock. The shepherd took a stone and threw her, realizing that was not such a bird, but a Virgencita with a Child in the arms. It took her and took her to his house placing it on the shelves, place where once known the news for the people, they wanted to raise an altar.
But which was the surprise of the neighborhood on having realized that one morning the image had disappeared. The shepherd returned with his flock to the same place and again he found the image on the rock, is this one the place where I lift the hermitage in his honor. Since then the Mistress of Yearns. Of the worship and the worship of the Virgin of the Rock one entrusts a Brotherhood that takes his name, been founded on 1.922.

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