Dona Mencía's Historical Archaeological Museum is first one of the municipal museums of this nature in Andalusia. Founded in 1981, it has supported his activity up to the current importance. He proves to be examples and exponents of several stages, from the Prehistory up to the Middle Ages, including the periods Muslim, Spanish Muslim living under Christian rule and Christian. His numismatical room stands out.
This museum is an instrument of diffusion of the Historical Heritage menciano and of the activities of the own museum with the intention of it bringing over to all for his enjoyment and as a tool of information for specialists and public in general. It tries to be, therefore, a portal opened for the scientific world and for the diffusion of the Heritage.

The visit is based on the didactic - chronological aspect and presents remains of the low Paleolithic with an antiquity of between 250.000 and 100.000 years. Also, materials carved in sílex assigned to the period musteriense that date back approximately of approximately 50.000 years and, finally, elements you will micro-laminate of sílex and bone belonging to the Epipaleolítico.
Of the Neolithic one, they can find diverse materials, as axes and fishhooks placed between the V and the IVth millennium B.C. Probably the most prominent pieces of this period are both idols of limestone, in the shape of the double ax and with scrappy decoration datables concerning 2000 B.C.


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