Date: From April 14 to 21, 2019

Cordova, educated and opulent city, us takes pleasure every year with one very special week, the Holy Week.

Coinciding with the first spring full moon, the Holy Week forms a part of the city of Cordova because it is the one who conceived her as a station of penance and faith. Constructed by the natives of Cordoba, generation after generation, incardina in his soul and extends for multiple sectors of his social fabric. This owes to itself to the existence of our confraternities, predecessors of all that.

The streets of Cordova fill with mystery, once again they remain overstocked by the people that, from the Palm Sunday it longs to be able to see the steps to cross the Official Race. In the most recondite places of the city the petals of roses are waited again, the "levantás", the chandeliers, the Nazarenes, the candles, the arrows, the plaudits, weepings, clamor and passion.

Tradition and faith like boss for those who carry the step, special feeling that they replace the effort that this carries. The Holy Week in Cordova is an experience that belongs to the indescribable thing, since it is not anything to see if not to feel, it is in the street, is felt, suspects and startles.

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