The former Hospital of the Cardinal Salazar, nowadays Authorize of Philosophy and Letters, it was founded in 1704 by Pedro de Salazar to use as college the children of the choir, but by request of the city, it was decided to turn it into a hospital.

Though it recovered for centuries the functions of Hospital, the original idea of his founder was not this, but it of raising in this space a College for the acolytes and children of Choir of the Cathedral. In 1704 Cordova met destroyed by a terrible epidemic of pest and it revealed the shortage of welfare centers that had the city, which is stimulated to both Chapters to request of the Prelate who was desisting from his primitive idea and was turning his first project into a hospital that was serving to remedy the precarious sanitary situation of the city, idea that the Cardinal, for Bishop at the time of Cordova accepted good degree.

Between 1871 and 1874 it was a headquarters of the Faculty of Medicine of the Free University of Cordova since it was the only one of the existing ones in his epoch that was assembling all the necessary characteristics to make the theoretical teaching compatible with the practice and with the welfare labor. Along the 19th century and in the XXth the Hospital was changing and extending his dependences and this way he happened to be Colegio Universitario in 1970. It was submitted to big reforms for his transformation in the faculty that today is, though it preserves the fundamental parts of his initial construction. One of them, his former drugstore, which has recovered and turned into the Historical Medicine of Reference of the Province of Cordova, for the enjoyment of the citizens.

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