Typical house of the 17th century placed in the street heads number 3, which has been turned into museum and center of study thanks to the agreement between the Town hall of Cordova and the Department of Promotion.

The house shelters, in his1.085 constructed square meters, a museum of the illustrious baroque poet Luis de Góngora and Argote, the Center of Studies Gongorinos and rooms of exhibitions (Galatea).

Two courts organize the distribution of the house, which can have his origin in the 17th century. The second court has around it a gallery Portada that leads to the dependences distributed to the sides. From the high plant, one accedes to another room called Castille and also to a terrace from which there is contemplated impressive panoramic one of the historical hull.

The building shelters also literary own activities of the Delegation of Culture of the Town hall of Cordova and of Góngora's Chair.

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