This festival is celebrated between 6 and On June 10, relies on an international programming the incorporation of two French companies, The Contrebande and Mauvais Coton, besides 13 national and Andalusian companies. An opportunity to return to the routine from the magic thing, enjoying the amplest variety of actions of this circus for the whole city. Spectacles, music, and workshops will flood the streets for several days to make to enjoy to big and small.

With this edition, it coincides the date of the programming with that of the beginning of the tour of the companies.
To autonomous level companies will come to Cordova as LaNördika (Prize Lorca 2018); Company IO (I Reward Off Circada 2017); Tresperté; Zen of the South; and the company of Cordova Wings will be the manager of giving the workshops of the circus, which will develop between 6 and on June 9.
On the national level, stand out spectacles come from Catalonia, Valencia, Madrid, Galicia and Basque Country that cover practically all the of the circus current trends, and that will be distributed by the whole city, since the festival will develop passes in the center of Cordova, in 7 districts and a slum.

The inauguration there will take place on June 6 in The Plaza of The Sliding panel with the spectacle acrobat 'Bal Trap' of The Contraband, and the closing will be Sunday, the 10th of June in the Theatre Góngora of the capital. 

The festival is celebrated in different locations of the city of Cordova as: 

Square of the Corredera.
11’30 h. Residencia ACPACYS.
Gardens Elena Moyano ‘Madre Coraje’ (Lepanto).
Park Figueroa.
Square of the Unidad.
Square of Matías Prats.
Square of Córdoba.
Square of El Higuerón.
Square El Moreal
Teathre Góngora.

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