The night visit " The Soul of Cordova " proposes us an exclusive way of entering the monument, of a find out from a new and surprising perspective.
Light, sound, and image join, in an unforgettable building, to move the visitor towards the deep knowledge of his cultural and spiritual values.
This merger between heritage and technology believes an experience for the senses. The visit begins in one of the galleries of the Court of the Orange trees, with the visualization of a projection that crosses the history of the building and of the city. Later, the visitor realizes a tour guided across the monumental set to understand his principal milestones.

" The Soul of Cordova " develops across devices of individual earphones that they narrate in 8 languages of a simultaneous way (Spanish, Englishman, Frenchman, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arab). His approximate duration is 60 minutes and the appraisal is of every pass is of a maximum of 100 persons.

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