In the vertex that joins the provinces of Malaga, Cordoba and Seville, formed by Badolatosa, Corcoya and Casariche in the province of Seville, Benamejí and Jauja (Lucena) in Córdoba and Alameda in Málaga, are the Lands of José María el Tempranillo, a route that will show you the vital itinerary of this famous bandit, will make you go into the phenomenon of romantic brigandage of the nineteenth century, will surprise you with magical landscapes and will overwhelm you with the cultural richness of the towns for which El Tempranillo once walked.

There was a time when traveling through Andalusia was a dangerous adventure, robbers, rogues and highwaymen inhabited the roads. In a hungry Spain, under the authoritarian yoke of Fernando VII, José María "El Tempranillo" was born. He grew up in Jauja, in the bosom of a humble family, dedicating himself to the work of the field until, at his "early" 16 years, a brawl forced him to "throw himself into the bush" becoming, from that moment, the most famous bandit of Andalusia, known as the Andalusian Robin Hood.

Discover the phenomenon of Romantic brigandage, visiting the Network of Thematic Centers and Land Museum Collections of José María El Tempranillo. Acquire your Salvoconducto Bandolero, and you can visit both the Thematic Centers and the natural and heritage resources that these beautiful villages offer to everyone who decides to meet them.

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