Kalendas it's a cultural program that emphasizes the value of art, culture, heritage and Roman society, in other words, the importance of the Roman past of the city.

The Romans called kalendas on the first day of every month and, their year that only lasted 10 months, began in March, for this reason the program has this name.

In this program we can find visits to archaeological sites, activities for schoolchildren, use of virtual reality, monumental offer, workshops for children and adults, historical recreations, dramatized routes, conferences, theaters and gastronomy with menus inspired by Rome.

It's organized by the City Council of Cordova, the Delegation of Tourism and IMTUR (Municipal Tourism Institute of Cordova) and will be held during the months of February and March.

This year the second edition of KALENDAS CORDVBA, will take place from February 22 to March 17 of 2019, an emblematic year in which all of Córdoba celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Inscription of its Historic Center in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO, a recognition in which the Roman Heritage and Culture had a lot to do.

This project is aimed at visitors, but especially to the citizens of Cordova.


Acueducto en Estación de Autobuses.

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

Anfiteatro romano.

Busto de Lucano en Plaza Elie J. Nahmias.

Calle Junio Galión.

Canteras de Peñatejada.

Casa romana del Hotel Hospes Bailío.

Cloacas rinanas.

Estatua de Claudio Marcelo.

Estatua de Séneca.

Estatua de Osio de Córdoba.

Estatua togada romana.

Mausoleo romano.

Mausoleo funerarios.

Miliarios romanos.

Museo arqueológico de Córdoba.

Palacio Maximiano Hercúleo.

Puente romano.

Restos Circo romano.

Restos de los Foros Provinciales.

Restos de Muralla romana.

Templo romano.

Tumba romana.

Villa Suburbana de Santa Rosa.

Yacimiento de Ategua.



Date: from 22 February to 17 March.

Location: Cordova city.

Time: Ininterrupted.

Price: Free.

Reservations: Not necessary. Simply register through the APP VirTimePlace, at any time within the deadline.

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