Chronology. XIV century.

Style. Arab

Description. It has Arab origin. The Puerta de Almodóvar was originally called "Bab al-Chawz" or Puerta del Nogal. This place is one of the three places that have lasted until our days and that allowed the entrance to the medieval Córdoba. Located in the west section of the old wall, the door as it is today dates from the fourteenth century and is flanked by two prismatic turrets joined as a bridge by a slightly pointed arch and topped by battlements and adarve.
The Puerta de Almodóvar gives the entrance to the neighborhood of the Judería and after passing this door, it is opened to the visitor a network of narrow alleys, small squares and beautiful corners that take him to travel by the history of Cordoba. It was built with a masonry factory based on pieces of sandstone, although there are numerous additions belonging to later restorations, which detract from its initial appearance. Just behind the Puerta de Almodóvar and parallel to the old wall, there is the emblematic Jewish street where the Sinagoga, the Casa Sefarad, and the Casa Andalusí are located, which finally leads to the Plaza de Maimonides.
A recent restoration has stripped the wall of the vegetation that sheltered it, only two cypresses were respected. In this way, it has been possible to recover the old round road of the wall, higher than the rest of the street, and allows anyone who wants to walk through it or sit down to see how the water descends through each of the pools Of the said pond.


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