The most typical of this square it are his porches, building that was constituting Torremilano's former jail, without parallelisms in the region of The Pedroches, faithful reflection of the symbiosis and the miscegenation of the architecture of Two Towers, which guards numerous similarities with the Castilian and Extremaduran architecture, for the geographical location in the one that places the region in general and the municipality of Two Towers especially, bordering on Castile the Spot and Estremadura, giving course for numerous common connotations with the customs of these lands.
I build current it was a public jail, concluded in 1704. In that epoch, the Council acquired a few houses to add to the old women ruins of the former jail to realize the new one.

The porches are formed by props of ashlars of granite on those who support arches escarzanos of brick, presenting the second floor with columns of stone on plinths of the same material and balustrade of wood.

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