Valdearenas's beach possesses one kilometer and a half of sand and of thin sand, located in Iznájar's marsh. The sweet water of the reservoir is, in addition, perfect for the practice of aquatic sports, and activities as the pádel surf, the kayaks, the candle or more recreative some as the hidropedales. The beach possesses also two bars - restaurants in those that it is possible to enjoy a summer letter that us remembers to those of the stalls of the Andalusian littoral.

The so-called Lake of Andalusia is Iznájar's reservoir, he is named this way for being the biggest marsh of the whole Andalusian Community. It is placed in the average riverbed of the river Genil, bathing lands of Cordova, Malaga, and Granada.

It has 981 million cubic meters of capacity, more than 100 kilometers of shore and 32 of length. It was constructed during the 60s and was inaugurated on June 3, 1969, by D. Francisco Franco.

Iznájar's marsh will turn into a tourist potential of the first order with the imminent incorporation of two tourist ships electrosolares. 
The biggest ship will have a capacity of 80 persons and smaller and exclusive another one for audio - guide, dinners or walks with capacity for approximately 15 or 20 persons.
Visits will be realized by audio - guide by the reservoir and another type of activities since they can be dinners or a bit more exclusive walks.

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