Building. 1st century

Description. Popularly known as "Roman mausoleum", this burial mound dates from the second quarter of the 1st century.

This monument was founded in the XX century and it´s a unique monument in Cordoba and Spain, only it has discovered a similar monument in north Italy. Puerta Gallegos is one of the most important monuments, inserted in the called Colonia Patricia Romana. In fact, it has two monuments, the bigger one it was dedicated to the benefactor and another one (where is the actual Centro de Interpretación Puerta Gallegos) was dedicated to their family and next generation. Sadly, we have not found any funerary offerings or even anybody, so we interpret that it was looted in the past. 


To understand the significance of the funerary world, you could visit the Centro de Interpretación Puerta Gallegos, when you could see the two permanent expositions dedicated to the funerary offerings, habits, and roman culture and their relation to cordoba as well as the Cercadillas archaeological site.

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