Madinat al-Zahra is the sumptuous palatine city that Caliph Ab’d al-Rahman III ordered to be built at the feet of the Sierra Morena in order to project a powerful image of the recently-created Independent caliphate of Cordoba. Over 10,000 men worked on its construction, using the best materials: marbles, precious metals, tiles, polychrome stones, etc. The complex’s famous Salón Rico was renowned for its outstanding beauty with ivory and ebony archways, gold and precious stones and a bowl of mercury that caught the sun’s rays and refl ected them in a thousand different colours. In 1010, after seven decades of life, Medina Azahara was sacked and destroyed by the Berbers, who razed most of this fabulous city to the ground. The new Institutional Venue and Integral Management Area of the Archaeological site of Madinat al-Zahra is a cultural infrastructure that provides services to the archaeological site and society in general. It is a dynamic socio-cultural space, which receives and promotes activities that contribute to extend our knowledge about the archaeological site of Madinat al-Zahra.

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