Inside what it was a manor of the 19th century there located the first tanks of drinkable water of the municipality, of there that knows itself him as the House of the Waters. From 2004 it shelters two institutions of incalculable value: the museum Garnelo and the bibliographical collection of to Foundation library Manuel Ruiz Luque.

Three plants articulated concerning a court today covered with galleries and rooms, with certain echo to the language of the Sevillian Aníbal Gonzalez. Both in the ground floor and in the first one there is exposed the major pictorial collection of Jose Garnelo and Alda, and since it happens with the room of the tables, by the first time they are exposed to the public since this did not happen to be the painter in life. Undoubtedly he is one of the major exponents of painting academicismo of between centuries, relating figure in the contest of the National Exhibitions of Fine arts.

Jose Garnelo and Alda soon managed to stand out in the Academy, managing to be a teacher, being one of his limbs the own Paul Picasso, who would manage to realize ' the first communion ' in Garnelo's workshop. He managed to be even Subdirector of the National Museum of the Meadow.


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