The House of the Inca Garcilaso goes beyond the recreation of the own environment of a lordly house of the 16th century, is the symbol of a recovery towards the figure of the Inca Garcilaso of the Vega. In this house, there was living the Inca Garcilaso for 30 years, during which he wrote some of his works, Royal Comments, Florida, General History of Peru, or the translation of Dialogs of Love, of León Hebreo. Everything begins when at the beginning of the 20th century, Raúl Porras historian and ambassador of Peru, and the montillano Jose Cobos they found the one that would be the first signature as Inca Garcilaso of the Vega dated in 1563, one point of item decisively to make concrete the antiquity Marries of the Inca Garcilaso of the Vega. The house divides into three plants, emphasizing the zone of the warehouse with the Royal(Real) Boots or the office. Between(among) the pictorial works of great relevancy one finds the portrait of the Inca Garcilaso, Francisco Gómez Gamarra's work.

In Quechuan the term Cusco, Qusqu or Qosqo it means " navel of the world ", and this way it was since it was known before the conquest. But with the arrival of the Spanish, one started knowing another seemed word, Cozco, which means " tail of the dog ", of there that for the Quechua is a pejorative term.
In the first moment, he will sign as Garcilaso of the Vega, and later Inca would add, but not with the meaning of " proceeding from the Andean countries ", but for the meaning of "Prince", the act of recovery and rebelliousness.

The warehouse is not an original space of the 16th century, but it has been a later construction and is located in what originally the stables would be.

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