The origins of the museum go back on December 17, 1986, when the daughters of D. Niceto, Dona Purificación, and Dona. Isabel Alcalá-Zamora Castillo, they donate to the village of Priego the natal house of the President.
In the ground floor, the visitor observes the distribution of dependences, garden and original furniture of the house of the President; typical of a manor of the historical period that occupies us, being predisposed empáticamente to receive the message that is wanted him to transmit.

In the first plant, the original objects are combined, with showcases and informative panels that combine photographies, drawings, and texts, following a chronological criterion in a flat double: D. Niceto's chronology and the chronology of his historical period to a deeper level.
In the second plant one finds the headquarters of the Patronage, where there is carried out a labor of deeper investigation of the personage and his epoch, constituting the maximum level of utilization of the visit, not only for investigators but also for students who can complete the visit with sonorous and video material of the epoch.

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