He presents an interesting collection of archaeology, painting, sculpture and domestic chattels, as well as numerous vestiges of épocasanteriores recovered in the region. This collection was assembled by the previous owner of the Museum, Esteban Márquez Triguero, and today there belongs to the company group PRASA. The collection stays in the ancient one out of the numerous ones that were marking the Royal Way to his step along the Villa, this building is of the 15th century and guards the traditional structure of the houses of the zone. He presents a Renaissance front page of the beginning of the 16th century, a peristyle with beautiful Gothic capital, the typical kitchen matancera of the Pedroches and the artesonados proceeding from the demolition of the chapterhouses of the Townhalls of Two Towers and Pedroche. His romantic court surrounded with cypresses is situated solado with a great mosaic of the country, presenting a porch with columns and capital in the shape of a fleur-de-lis. It embellishes to the set a great grating of the 16th century.

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