Located in a centenary distillery it offers to the visitor, between a sensory world, the history and tradition of the production of anisette and liquors. In the first room there appear the alembics of copper, work of the local artist, the main coppersmith Francisco Casas, where they tell us how so delicious elixir is made. The Room of macerations possesses a set of vats of glazed mud where different fruits, grasses, and seeds were softening to obtain the most classic liquors of the Distilleries Goblin (rosolí, mint, cherries, pacharán ...). In his showcases, the history appears of more than one hundred of distilleries dedicated to bullfighters, literary and animal prominent figures. From the pure unmatured whiskies of grape up to the current anisettes that existed in our Villa from the 17th century to the present day. Finally, in the Room of Degustation, it will be possible to enjoy surprising flavors and aromas of cinnamon, hierbaluisa, matalahúva...

The holding a permit complete visit to Distilleries Goblin, departing from a warehouse of aging for the brandy and punch can contemplate a set of barrels of American oak, old offices, cartelería bullfighting and an endless number of equipment for the work in the warehouse and the daily life of the rural world of the XIXth and XXth century. The Court, it is an authentic jewel of the popular architecture cordobesa, and winner two consecutive years of the First Prize of the contest of Courts of the province of Cordova, in which it will pass for his diverse stays, kitchen of former slaughters, bedrooms and baths, between an impressive collection of geraniums, fragrant plants, lemon trees and sources that refresh the visitor and give music to this environment. The visit continues with different explanations, anecdotes, and curiosities for the different Rooms of the Museum, ending with a complete trying of different revealed, softened and aged that are elaborated and take care neatly in this alive space of the history ruteña.

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