The Museum of the Ceramics of The Ravine is located in former " Tower of the Castle " of the population who has been rehabilitated for this end adapting to the characteristics of the same one. From his inauguration like Museum of Ceramics in 2002, there have been carried out two exhibitions, the first one of them " Retrospective of the Exhibition of Pottery and Ceramics of The Ravine 1926-2001 " and the current one, " History and Tradition of the Pottery Rambleña "

In the Museum of Ceramics, there are gathered the testimonies that the trade of the pottery has been leaving in the population rambleña from the prehistoric times up to the current epoch. The facilities of the museum shelter both materials remain, and documentaries and graphs, of the trade of the pottery in the locality. The Museum tries to offer an evolution of the work of the mud throughout the time across the study of the evolution of the production of the raw material, the technical aspects, the forms, the functionality, as well as the commercialization and diffusion of the pottery rambleña along the successive historical stages.

The explanatory space of the Museum is distributed in two rooms that correspond with both plants of the building. Room 1 occupies the ground and this floor dedicated to the historical ceramics, whereas room 2 places in the high plant.



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