A concept different from Museum, to which Rute's Flower has applied identical zeal with the one that elaborates his accredited Sweets of Christmas. A tour for the history of the Christmas sweets, thanks to the reproduction of a former familiar industry of shortcake doughs, placed in a space full of details, curiosities, and surprises. Machinery, utensils, congratulations and photographies of illustrious visitors, recetarios ancient, dvd explanatory of the manufacturing process, etc. In this Museum it is possible to visit an exclusive exhibition of ANDALUSIA IN SUGAR, doing a tour of Andalusia across his monuments realized entirely in sugar. A totally handcrafted labor, which he needs several months of work, turns them into the only and exclusive pieces realized by the main pastrycook D. Luis Muixi. Close to the exclusive Exhibition ' Andalusia in sugar ', in the Museum there can be contemplated more monuments, figures and made pictures of so material sweet, as Disney's Castle, the figure of Salvador Dalí, the Duchess of Alba, Michael Jackson, Picasso or paintings as famous as the Guernica, the Meninas, …

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