After nine years of work, the Bullfighting Museum opened on March 30, 2014 with a completely restored building, an innovative museum program tailored to the technologies S.XXI.Las palatial houses occupying the building of the Municipal Bullfighting Museum, are located in the historic center of Cordoba in the area called "Jewish" .The property is in the area declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and included in the catalog of the Historic Properties Protected Cordoba with Landmark legal classification (M) type II and type B. Protection level elements of interest are spread throughout the building and specifically the main entrance courtyard patio cover and vegetation. CONTENTS: FIRST TOUR 0 CORDOBA. A CITY WITH TAURINO AROMA: Interactive Installation with city map where bullfighting venues Córdoba and its surroundings are located. Places like farms, urban spaces, bullrings, taverns, bullfighting gatherings or dealers. 1. the art of bullfighting: AUDIOVISUAL ROOM: very plastic mode presents the bull from birth until the climax of the match in the ring. The figure of the bullfighter from his time as becerrista until his consecration as a matador. Two roads converge in the atavistic conflict of man against beast, as reason dominates nature, making it an aesthetically beautiful way, that is, offering bullfighting as another expression of art. INTERMEDIATE COURSE: 2. LANDSCAPE DEL TORO: uro the bull: the first herds (XVIII century), The bravery of bull: Iberian characteristic physical and temperament: the probe, the pasture: the environment of the bull, The Lidia map bull in Spain and Offspring of the Cordoba herds 3. CALIFAS FIVE, FIVE THEMES. THE TORERO, THE MAN AND THE SYMBOL Lagartijo / Guerrita / Machaquito / Manolete / The Cordovan / Cañero 4. THE STORY OF CORDOBA TAURINA. The tradition of bullfights: Qurtuba to chivalric Entertainment, From Prohibition to festival, Places, fairs, gatherings, cultural activities ... 5. THE RUN, THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF PARTY: MULTIMEDIA: the visitor will feel like a spectator of a bullfight and participate in the development of it, from the above preparations to paseÃllo until the final moment of a triumphant evening : output to maestro.Personajes shoulders and crafts: Córdoba contributed to the history of bullfighting junior, picks, trades which require perfection and to facilitate the task domain and enable the triumphs of the slayer. 6. CULTURAL ARTISTIC INSPIRATION TAURINA: In this room paintings and sculptures by Julio Romero de Torres, Vazquez-Diaz, Pellicer, Benlliure, Matthew Inurria exposed, among others. SHOWROOM SPACE TIME AND MULTIMEDIA TAURINO. PUBLIC OPENING WINTER: Tuesday to Friday 8:30 to 20:45 h. and Saturday 8:30 to 16:30 h .; Sundays and holidays 8:30 to 14:30 h. SUMMER: Tuesday to Saturday 8:30 to 15:00 h. Sundays and holidays 8:30 to 14:30 h. CLOSED MONDAY Normal ticket prices-4 euros; Students: 2 euros. Ordinary common bond: 8.40 euros (4.50 euros I bonus) and Bono Museums: 7,00 euros. Source information:

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