It was founded in 1844 by Antonio Sanchez Prieto in a mill named The Treadmill, near the castle of the above-mentioned locality. In 1922, Jose M ª Bull Albalá restores and sits his royal ones in Aguilar's former electric power station, moving the warehouse to the facilities (14.000 m2) with an abundant underground, ideal for the upbringing and conservation of the wines, of there the name of Electrically of some of his broths.

His warehouse - the museum is a small box of surprises, ready to untie his essences before any visitor with his two museums: one of the popular arts and archaeology and another one in which there are exposed tools, machines, bibliography and ancient objects related to the art of doing wine. They shelter approximately 4.000 pieces. A singular museum of the wine of a singular warehouse, which is founded in 1844, acquired and I restore a former electric power station in 1922 to give cover to the wine. The pieces are great as these former packings various those that the visitor can admire.

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