It was declared a Natural Protected Area in 1989.
It is located in the north-eastern zone of the province of Córdoba, located in the central part of the huge mountain range of Sierra Morena, and covering an area of ​​41,212 hectares.
This Natural Park presents a smooth and flattened relief in its western sector that contrasts with the abruptness and steepness of great beauty, of the cuttings and ravines along the river Yeguas, in the easternmost sector. The altitudes range between 200 and 800 meters. The highest levels are located in the Colmena and Pingano peaks. With a linear length of 40 km. within the natural park, the Yeguas River, plays a leading role in the drainage of this natural space, although it has, among others, other streams such as Arenosillo, Martín Gonzalo and Frescoso.
The natural park is divided between the municipalities of Cardeña and Montoro. It is accessed by the N-420 and the C-420.The abundance of game species, deer, wild boar, fallow deer, partridge, wood pigeon, rabbit, etc., explain the important hunting use in this Natural Park, with many preserves. big and small game. You can also find the golden eagle, the imperial eagle, black vultures and especially the lynx.
The vegetation that covers it is composed, almost in equal parts, by dehesas, repopulation pine forest and Mediterranean forest.

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El nombre real es Parque Natural Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro

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