Nature Reserves of Laguna Amarga, Laguna Tíscar, Laguna de Zoñar, Laguna del Rincón, Laguna and Laguna Jarales Salobral are part of the wetlands known as the Wetlands of Southern Córdoba. These were declared each as a Nature Reserve in 1989 for its special position as wintering and nesting grounds for migratory birds. Zoñar Lagoon in the vicinity of Aguilar de la Frontera, dominated by olive groves and vineyards, the most important of which make up the Cordoba's wetlands. Is actually a complex of three lakes, a main and adjacent two children. The Laguna Amarga, located in a steep valley covered with olive trees, has a high concentration of magnesium sulfate that gives name to it. A few kilometres away is the Lake of the Jarales, which is characterized as the least of all the lagoons south. Is almost circular in shape. The volume of water collected in winter disappears completely in mid-June. Among its birds, the duck and the Calaón. Also next to the Laguna Amarga is Laguna Dulce, currently dry. The Laguna del Rincón is located in an area of ​​gentle slopes cultivated with cereals and vines. All but Tischler Lagoon, have permanent water so they surround themselves with vegetation such as reeds, bulrush or cattail, reed, cane, plus underwater vegetation that becomes a mass on the surface and some more with honeysuckles, sarsaparilla and daphne. Among the villages around the lagoons include Lucena, Aguilar de la Frontera, Puente Genil, Luque and Baena.

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Visitor Center: Phone Information: +34 957 335 252 (Laguna de Zoñar) The winery: +34 95335252 (Laguna del Rincón)