It knows the remains of the former city caliphal from the experience of the darkness of the night and the soft lights that wrap it, creating sensations that desperterán your senses.
From this April 27, 2018, we will be able to enjoy the elegance of this archaeological set a different image in the night. 
These visits will be able to be realized in free form, as the visits by day. 
The visits will be able to be realized every Friday and Saturdays.

Medina Azahara, the magnificent and mysterious city that Abd - sent The Rahman III To to construct to the feet of Sierra Morena, to eight kilometers of cardinal Cordova, encloses, even in his name, legendary histories. The popular tradition affirms that auto proclaimed Abd to the-Rahman the IIIrd caliph in 929 A.D., and after eight years of reign, decided to build a court city in honor of his favorite, Azahara. Nevertheless, recent studies contribute forts evidences of the reason that stimulated the caliph to found Medina Azahara. A renewed image of newly created Caliphate Independent from West, strong and powerful, one of the major medieval kingdoms of Europe, is accepted as the most probable origin of the new Medina.

One arranges the city in three terraces surrounded by a wall, placed the royal Fortress in the most top and the intermediate one. The lowest zone was reserved for housings and the mosque, built outside. The historical sources point to the participation of approximately ten thousand persons who were employed every day at his construction. Abd did not spare effort the-Rahman in materials to achieve the looked effect: the emblem of the powerful kingdom that was governing. Rich purplish and red mármoles, gold and precious stones, besides the elegant handcrafted work of the best stone-cutters and the legendary contributions bizatinas, helped to the elevation of the valued project.

This solemn enclosure suffered big destructions across the successive wars that destroyed the-Andalus at the beginning of the 11th century, transforming into ruins Madinat the-Zahra. The effort for creating an ideal city just lasted seventy years, ephemeral life for the one that was "a" "favorite" of the first caliph.


Dates: from April 27, 2018
Place: Medina Azahara (Ctra. Palm of the Rio, km 5.5)
Schedule: every Friday and Saturdays from 21:00 to 23:00 h 
Price: gratis for citizens of the EU, Rest 1,50 €. Bus Shuttle 2,5 € going and return

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