It is one of the most important fruits as a source of vitamins. Especially those grown in the fields of Palma del Río. They are a guarantee of excellent quality and taste different varieties grown in the province, including the des-tacan Navelina, especially sweet and fine. Before techniques were imported to California peninsula, in the Palma farmers produce seedless oranges, fine, sugar-das, almost handmade, taking advantage of the wealth of the river Guadalquivir and irrigation techniques inherited Arabs. In this culture, which has developed thanks to the special climate and soil conditions that exist in the area dedicate today 3,800 acres. Almost half of them belong to the municipality of Palma del Rio, nearly 700 acres Hornachuelos, and fewer towns like Almodóvar del Río, Source Palme-ra or inns. Each year an average of 35,000 kilos per hectare orange are obtained, which shows the importance of the sector in Córdoba

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