Considered as one of the best examples of the civil architecture of the 18th century in our city, his construction was promoted by the family Mora-Saavedra, between the year 1730 and 1750. This family of possible origins Judeo-conversos, they would form a part of the families that were established in Lucena attracted by the reputation that had the city in past times and the nostalgia of dwelling in the land of his forbears. In his architecture stand out, besides his magnificent front, his two courts, the second one of them porticado, and his beautiful stairs crowned with a vault, attributed by his style to two of the last teachers lucentinos, Francisco Jose Guerrero and Pedro of Ore Gutiérrez. The palace shelters in his interior the Center of Interpretation of Lucena's City and the Municipal Office of Tourist Information, with a series of thematic and explanatory rooms, as well as Eros's sculpture of Roman epoch, found during the works executed for the rehabilitation of the building.

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