Situation. It is located on Calle Conde de Torres Cabrera, nº 19.

Chronology. It was built in the 17th century and was rebuilt in 1847 to be the official residence of the Count of Torres Cabrera.

Style. Baroque

Description. During this stage and as Ramirez de Arellano tells, in Paseos for Córdoba, the dukes of Montpensier were lodged the first time they came to Córdoba, receiving court and being very gifted by the widowed count, Federico Martel and Bernuy, who more than once he showed great detachment and chivalry.

Another of the characters we saw once lodged in their homes was Mr. Ramón María Narváez, Duke of Valencia, who from one of the balconies witnessed the parade of the National Militia, which on one of the days of his stay in Córdoba made a great stop. Also, Alfonso XII also stayed at the same in his coming to Cordoba.

In 1935 the property was leased by the Marist Brothers to the then owner, Pilar Menéndez Valdés to install the Cervantes School in this property.

In November of the year 1940, the owner sells the palace to Rafael Cruz Conde, which gives until July 25, 1942, for the departure of students and Marist Brothers, an issue that occurs within that period.

Since then the owner of the palace is the Cruz Conde family.

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