CONSTRUCTION YEAR: The year was 1998, specifically on October 7 - the feast of Our Lady of Our Lady of the Rosary - when, at the decision of the Bishop of the Diocese, at that time, Don Francisco Javier Martínez, the Parroquia "Beato Álvaro de Córdoba ", Whose territory of demarcation was broken off from the Parish" Our Lord of the Garden of Olives and Virgin of the Way "
STYLE: Renaissance style
LOCATION:  Avda. De Guerrita, 23, 14005, Córdoba.
HISTORICAL REVIEW: His first steps emerge with the modesty of the commercial premises that hosted the first parochial temple, located at the confluence of Avda. De Guerrita with Manuel Fuentes Bocanegra street, where a group of enthusiastic parishioners led by Don José, begin to create the first support groups: choir and liturgy group, because the catechesis and other activities were still taking place in the "parent parish".
The second date marked with gold letters in the brief history of this young Parroquia takes place on February 19, 2000, the feast of Blessed Álvaro de Córdoba. This day, in a brief but emotional act, took place the laying of the first stone of the new parish church, under the presidency of Monsignor Don Francisco Javier Martínez, accompanied by the parish priest, Don José Pérez Galisteo, the project's architect, Doña Marta Pérez Barquero, the diocesan vicar, Mr. Manuel María Hinojosa Petit, the representatives of the construction company Noriega and a large representation of the parishioners. At the end of the year, on December 16, the relay took place at the head of the parishioners, Don Tomás Pajuelo Romero joining the front, a young and dynamic man who arrived full of illusions and enthusiasm to face the project proposed by the prelate of the Diocese.
The schedule of Masses in the parish of Blessed Álvaro is as follows:
From June 1 to August 31:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 21'00 h
Sundays: 10'00 h, 12'00 h and 21'00 h
From September 1 to May 31:
Working days and Saturdays: 20'00 h
Sundays: 10'00 h, 12'00 h and 20'00 h
BROTHERHOOD: Brotherhood of the Holy Supper

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Address: Avda. De Guerrita, 23, 14005, Córdoba. Phone: 957 23 91 97