Ordered to construct for the gentleman and the first Marquess of the Villa of Benamejí, Don Diego de Bernuy, it is one of the most representative examples of the Baroque Native of Cordoba, his front page of simple lines with neoclassic cut this one finished off by an image of the Santa Fe, on the front a niche in the shape of Scallop (shell), shelters Maria Inmaculada's image, to this whom dedicated the Temple, it possesses ship of cruise in the shape of Latin cross with lateral chapels, which shelter, to the right side of the Major Altar, the Sacrarium, of style Antequerano, remodelled recently, receives the images professionals of the week of Benamejí's Passion, many of them proceeding from the missing convent of Carmelite barefooted, that existed in Benamejí, and to the left side of the Altar the entry to the Majestic Sacristy, Where the arches and auctions of the ceilings make up with the unpolluted White, making highlight furthermore the shields of weapon of several of the Marquesses of Benamejí, besides sheltering a great pictorial collection of the centuries XVII - the XVIIIth.

In the court one finds the access to the Catacombs of this Parish, of great architectural value, they are being put in the value for his visit and enjoyment.

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