Temple of medieval origin, reconstructed successively, the work concluded with Monk Juan of Toledo, which weapon remains in the front page plateresque of the front. Due to Hernán Ruiz I, the above mentioned front page shows still Gothic features in the powerful buttresses that fit it, though the shows of the plateresque take possession of her giving place to a beautiful composition adorned by pilasters and balusters in the first and second body respectively. The latter does a grand entablement on the balusters, interrupted in the center for the half point of the principal niche, that form like that a typical sertiana or arch between lintels.

Except for this front page, nothing stays of the former parish, since it returned to be reconstructed at the end of the S. The XVIIIth. The threat of ruin forced to form a new building, now of only three ships, which creation was carried out in 1788. This new temple accuses an own configuration of the neoclassicist.


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