The temple takes his origin as A Hermitage of Our Lady of the Head, of which we know his existence already in 1584, though the current aspect of the same one corresponds to the extension initiated in 1731. In 1736 it turns into the Franciscan convent with the movement of the Community proceeding from the nearby Place of the Sickle, and later being raised as Parish in 1889.

It possesses plant of three ships separated by round arches on columns toscanas, the head office of major height covers with smoothed tunnel vault and wings with domes gallonadas that depart from brackets. The major altarpiece Antonio de Rivera was executed in 1725 by the teacher antequerano, with vainly central that reports with Ntra's dressing-room. Ms of the Head, to the sides, separated for estípites, interesting sculptures of Santo Domingo and San Francisco of You Seize, of ends of the 16th century.

The space most distinguished from the temple is Ntra's dressing-room Ms of the Head, richly decorated with plaster-works of style rococo there acts of the sculptor prieguense Cecilio Antonio Franco Roldán who concluded it in 1763, to whose hand owes to itself equally the decoration of the dome and scallops of the presbytery.

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